Prizewinners from Germany, international guest artists from the Mediterranean region: the Villa Romana in Florence has long been a nexus for generations of artists and a wide range of scenes and nationalities. [more]
88 nations present themselves at this year’s Venice Biennial. [more]
Philip-Lorca diCorcia combines documentary street photography and elaborate staging to create enigmatic images that resemble film stills or snapshots of some imaginary act. [more]
His unique comic novels about the rapid changes in Indian society made Sarnath Banerjee an international name. Now he’s taken his explorations to the streets and people of Berlin. [more]
Urban living environments are the subject of the exhibition “Stadt in Sicht”, which can be seen in Dortmund’s Museum am Ostwall until the beginning of August. [more]
MACHT KUNST – In the course of this action in April, all Berlin-based artists were invited to present one of their works for a single day in the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle. [more]
Her paintings were awarded the Audience Prize in the Alte Münze: Bulgarian artist Radoslava Markova’s works create psychologically charged snapshots of physical and emotional relationships. [more]
Theaster Gates received international acclaim when, for his documenta project “12 Ballads for Huguenot House” in Kassel city center, he transformed a building slated for demolition into a cross between gesamtkunstwerk and cultural center. [more]
He is one of the most important contemporary Pakistani artists, having radically renewed miniature painting in his home country. In Europe, however, Qureshi is an insider’s tip. [more]
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The Circle Walked Casually
Deutsche Bank Collection

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Victor Man
Deutsche Bank "Artist of the Year" 2014

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