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Sound and Silence
Alberto Tadiello’s project for Art Basel

This summer, the plaza in front of the fair grounds of Art Basel will once again become a stage for art in the public arena. Counting among the 14 artists chosen for the Art Public section are, alongside established artists like Ai Weiwei, Ernesto Neto, and Lawrence Weiner, many promising newcomers such as the young Italian Alberto Tadiello. The Deutsche Bank Collection recently purchased a 12-part series by the artist, who lives in Venice. In Basel, Tadiello will be showing his sculpture LK100A—a construction of metal rods, an electrical motor, and two oversized funnels over three and a half meters high that reminds one of a machine or a bizarre insect. And indeed, Tadiello’s work provides a short, but clearly audible vital sign twice a day—an intimidating sound reminiscent of a siren.

Tadiello’s sculptures combine mechanical elements with sound and a keen sense for formal precision. In his 2008 work EPROM, 48 musical boxes, electrical motors, and cables joined to form an ensemble of minimalist elegance on the white wall of his gallery, T293 in Naples. At the same time, the motors made the musical boxes run at top speed such that the nostalgic melodies morphed into a shrill cacophony. Tadiello’s series in the Deutsche Bank Collection is highly reduced; its motif oscillates between abstraction and representation, recalling an indefinable object that appears to be pressing through fabric, or a loudspeaker beginning to swell due to enormous volume. The series is one of several works acquired for the ten new Deutsche Bank branches in Italy. The selected artists include alongside Tadiello, Marina Ferretti, Manuel Scano, and Riccardo Beretta. As with the installation of the Milan headquarters, which was opened in 2007, chiefly works on paper by young Italian artists were purchased for the new branches.

Art 41 Basel
June 16—20, 2010

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