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A Preview of Art Summer 2007
Deutsche Bank’s VIP Lounge at the Art Cologne

Deutsche Bank Lounge at Art Cologne 2007
Photo: Lukas Roth

After the Art Cologne was brought forward to the spring, everyone waited excitedly to see whether the new dates would prove successful. And they most certainly did. With droves of visitors and a number of surprising positions in the young "Open Space" section, the art fair again provided new impulses. Deutsche Bank, which sponsored the show, presented works by Isa Genzken, the German artist featured in the German Pavilion at this year’s Biennale in Venice.

Deutsche Bank Lounge, Art Cologne 2007
Photo: Lukas Roth

Held in the spring for the first time, the Art Cologne shone in summery weather. The world’s oldest art fair took place in Cologne just six months after the previous fair. The event now had to directly compete with the art fairs in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Brussels, which were held around the same time, and so the more than 190 participating gallery owners awaited the opening with baited breath. But the over 16,000 visitors and six-figure turnover on the vernissage evening alone provided relief. Concentrating on internationally renowned galleries from 27 countries, the fair provided the accustomed comprehensive overview of 20th and 21st century art, from classical modernism to the very latest contemporary international artworks.

Works (clockwise):
"Großes Fenster",1987/88, "Untitled" and "Wolfgang", both 1998,
from the Schröder Collection;
"Untitled (Orange)" and "Aquarium", both 2001,
Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Köln
Photo: Lukas Roth

Vernissage TV: Opening of Art Cologne at Deutsche Bank Lounge

As a sponsor of the Art Cologne, Deutsche Bank was again represented at the fair with a specially designed VIP Lounge drawing attention to art events being held this year in Venice, Kassel, and Muenster. In a minimalist, elegant architectural setting, the bank presented works by Isa Genzken, focusing on two events. Genzken will be featured at the German Pavilion, whose main sponsor is Deutsche Bank, at this year’s Venice Biennale. In addition, the bank is sponsoring the artist’s contribution to skulptur projekte münster 07, which, along with the documenta, is another highlight of the Art Summer.

Photo: Lukas Roth

With its architecture composed in white and bright green, and the appropriately designed furniture, the VIP Lounge at the Cologne fair was presented as an open space accentuating the aura of Genzken’s sculptures. The centerpiece of the lounge, which was designed by the Berlin architect Thorsten Klooster, was the large staircase in the exhibition area inviting visitors to linger and providing an unobstructed view of the works by Genzken positioned in the space. The up to three-meter high steles, on loan from the Schröder Collection in Berlin and Galerie Buchholz, are viewed by the artist as ciphers of modern high-rise architecture and arouse associations with well-known icons: the New York skyline, and not least the tragedy of the World Trade Center. Just how dear these structures are to the artist is attested to by the fact that she named the works after friends. For example, she entitled one stele Wolfgang, paying homage to her friend Wolfgang Tillmans, a star of German photo art. At the entrance to the lounge, visitors were welcomed by Isa Mona Lisa, a monumental portrait of Genzken from the Deutsche Bank Collection photographed by Tillmans in 1999.

Back: "Isa Mona Lisa" (1999) by Wolfgang Tillmans Photo: Lukas Roth

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