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Deutsche Bank Supports an Art Auction for the SOS Children’s Villages

It’s one of the most extraordinary art auctions in Germany. This year, Deutsche Bank is supporting the " SOS Kunststück" (SOS Artwork), the charity auction for the SOS Children’s Villages worldwide. Dr. Ariane Grigoteit, Global Head of Deutsche Bank Art, is happy to act as patroness for the event. She is pleased at the chance to help, of course, particularly children in regions devastated by hunger and war. The proceeds from this year’s auction will go to help the SOS Children’s Village in Khartoum, Sudan. "Our support of the SOS Children’s Villages occupies a prominent place in Deutsche Bank’s social commitment. In taking part in ‘SOS Kunststück,’ we’re happy not only to be continuing this tradition, but also to be expanding our bank’s art activities,” as Dr. Grigoteit explains. Deutsche Bank has also donated works from its collection to “SOS Kunststück,” setting the highest standards for the auction with works by Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, and Georg Baselitz.

The auction is supported by Deutsche Bank

And Dr. Grigoteit is enthusiastic about the unusual idea behind the auction: "At first, the artist of a particular work remains unknown, because the works are initially introduced anonymously at the ‘Kunststück,’" as the patroness explains. "But the framework is by no means anonymous – on the contrary, the SOS auctions do a wonderful job uniting contemporary art and artists, collectors, and enthusiasts as well as the impressive SOS Children’s Village mothers and committed SOS Children’s Village staff in a special environment. After the auction, everyone finds out which artists the auctioned works were made by, and we’re happy to be able to purchase excellent pieces for the Deutsche Bank Collection."

You can bid for this work at eBay

The auction will celebrate its conclusion and climax at a closing reception in the rooms of the Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, moderated by Dr. Ariane Grigoteit. Here, artists, collectors, and prominent art lovers come together to experience the highlight of the evening, the live auction of selected works. Guests will compete with bids from the Internet, while the auction itself will be led by Christiane Gräfin zu Rantzau from Christie’s in Germany. In the context of this event, Georg Willeit, director of the SOS Children’s Villages worldwide, will present the work of the children’s charity together with the SOS Children’s Village mother Rose Lanschützer.

SOS Kunststück: charity auction for SOS Children's Villages

The "SOS Kunststück" auction is unique worldwide and solidly established. The quality of the works of art is guaranteed by curator Tom Bieber, who has selected artists such as Jonathan Meese, Anselm Reyle or Karin Sander, all of whom have made works available for the current auction. Anyone can take part, but there’s no guarantee of getting a work by a favorite artist. And participants might even be a bit off, because all there is to go by is a list of the approximately 80 artists who have contributed an original work to the auction. Here every work is reproduced, and a link leads directly from each to the auction via eBay, where guests can place bids for their favorites. And whoever’s won the bid for his or her favorite picture finds out after the auction’s over whether or not he or she is now the proud owner of a genuine Polke.

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