Mind the Gap!

A fear of a rift in the collection: Alistair Hicks and Mary Findlay, curators of the London section of the Deutsche Bank Collection, report on the hunt for important works by tomorrow's art stars. Yet they don't only have their eye on contemporary British art, but increasingly on the wider European scene.

Young Americans

Two London exhibitions are currently celebrating young art from the U.S.: the Saatchi Collection is making a guest appearance at the Royal Academy with "USA Today", the Serpentine Gallery is showing "Uncertain States of America". Is the U.S. finding its way back to its leading position on the international art scene?

Mika Rottenberg

Women's bodies are turned into working machines, sweat and tears feed the production process. Mika Rottenberg's subversive video works have made her into one of the most important new figures on the New York scene. Ossian Ward visited the artist before the completion of her piece for the Frieze Art Fair.

Fischli & Weiss

They construct cities out of slices of baloney and pose existential questions: In their work, Fischli & Weiss create a field of tension that oscillates between comedy and profundity. The Tate Modern is now showing their first retrospective in Great Britain. Julia Grosse on the multi-layered presentations of the artist duo.

Oh, so contemporary!

When the art crowd starts flocking towards Regentís Park, then itís that time again: the Frieze Art Fair has opened its doors once more. While during "normal" times the metropolis on the Thames allegedly harbors the highest concentration of artists in districts such as Hackney or Bow, the Frieze Art Fair transforms it into the temporary capital of the international art scene. More than enough reason to dedicate our current issue to the exhibition highlights, current trends, and fascinating artists connected to Europeís most fashionable art fair. +++ Two London exhibitions are celebrating a new generation of artists from the U.S.: the Serpentine Gallery is showing "Uncertain States of America," while the Saatchi Collection also showcases young Americans in "USA Today" +++ Mind the Gap: the curators of the Deutsche Bank Collection in London report on their hunt for promising new talent and the struggle against rifts in their collection +++ Mika Rottenberg was awarded the Frieze Art Fairís first Cartier Award for her absurd and subversive video installations. Now, her latest work can be seen there. An interview with the young protagonist on the New York art scene. +++ The Swiss artist duo Fischli & Weiss operate in a field of tension between comedy and profundity. Now, Londonís Tate Modern is showing their first retrospective in Great Britain. +++