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Yan Pei Ming, Gardien, 2002, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2006
Deutsche Bank Collection

South American artist Dr. Lakra tattoos posters of Mexican beauties from the thirties as though on skin, while the South African artist Marlene Dumas commits a girl’s portrait by Vermeer to paper in delicate ink tones. Along with works by Francis Alys and Laura Owens, paper works by Richard Artschwager, William Kentridge, and the Chinese art star Yan Pei Ming can be seen that have never before been shown. Visitors can experience divergent currents in international photography in the staged works of Sharon Lockhart or Miwa Yanagi, in Boris Mikhailov’s unembellished snapshots of a new Russia, or in Beat Streuli’s C-Prints, which depict passers-by in the streets of New York like anonymous stars.

Exhibition design for "All the Best" by
Zaha Hadid, Courtesy Zaha Hadid Architects, London

In order to help visitors follow the discourse articulated by the works presented here, Zaha Hadid has once more designed a revolutionary exhibition setting. Continually redefining the limits of architecture and urban design, Hadid has created an architectural setting for the Singapore exhibition that not only provides a conceptual framework for understanding the works but also allows visitors to discover the bank‘s collection for themselves. Her architectural interventions, that appear to dissolve spatial and temporal boundaries with almost effortless ease, have set new standards in the world of architecture. It would scarcely have been possible to design a setting that better reflects, in such a radical manner, the dimensions and special “workplace” qualities of the collection. Hadid‘s visionary exhibition circuit, which both challenges and protects the works displayed here, thus not only brings out the pioneering concept behind the collection but also draws attention to its history and unique artistic per-spectives.

Yehudit Sasportas, Image no. 3 , 2006,
Deutsche Bank Collection, © Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv

The opening of All the Best coincides with that of the first Singapore Biennale . This ambitious platform for a dialogue between international contemporary art and current art trends in Southeast Asia is the cultural climax of the Singapore 2006 event series that accompanies this year’s meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group. The meetings motto, Global City—World of Opportunities, in many ways harmonizes with the title of our exhibition.

Nic Hess, Ohr, 1998,
Deutsche Bank Collection, Nic Hess, Ohr, 1998, Sammlung Deutsche Bank © Galerie Michael Neff © Galerie Jesco von Puttkamer, Berlin

For not only does All the Best refer to the best works in the Deutsche Bank Collection being shown here; it also alludes to individual yearnings, social alternatives, and global perspectives. In its synthesis of revolutionary architecture and works by young, controversial artists, the collection‘s third anniversary exhibition furthermore reflects the fears and hopes of a world embarking on the 21st century.

Perhaps this exhibition will succeed in bringing together a number of "happy couples" in a (in the positive sense of the term) "mass wedding" — a dynamic interplay of dialogues that embraces not only the works of art themselves but also the visitors to the exhibition, the exhibition architecture, the school and the museum—not to mention a whole range of cultures and religions. As in all relationships, so in art one must reckon with surprises — if all goes well, with the kind of happy ending that all so ardently desire — even though the happiness may turn out to be only provisional.

Karen Kilimnik, Patti Boyd, 2000,
Deutsche Bank Collection, ©The Artist

The title motif of our catalogue — Karen Kilimnik’s drawing Patti Boyd (soon to be Mrs. George Harrison) — captures such a moment that crystallizes all these expectations. The car draws up, and the bride-to-be gazes out into a barrage of flashbulbs. Despite knowing today that Mrs. Harrison would also one day become Mrs. Clapton, we still cannot resist wishing—as we do the young couple standing in the courtyard of the Singapore Art Museum and looking optimistically into the future — All the best!

All the Best. The Deutsche Bank Collection and Zaha Hadid
01.09. - 20.11.2006
Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
71 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189555

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