Cai Guo-Qiang's explosive art

Drawings made out of gunpowder covering complete walls, 99 wolves, that are attacking a wall made of glass, a house exploding in colorful, gleaming fireworks - the spectacular installations, actions and drawings by Cai Guo-Quiang appear to be deeply rooted in an archaic Chinese symbolism. Brigitte Werneburg on the Chinese art star and his work between physics and metaphysics.

Gregor Schneider's hermetic rooms

For years, Gregor Schneider has worked on his convoluted and claustrophobic rooms in order to visualize the idea of an infinite interior space, as evinced by his most renowned work "Haus ur". The viewer feel entrapped in rooms from which there is no escape. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf introduces Schneider's hermetic flight of rooms which show the artist as a poet of the uncanny.

All Together Now: Rirkrit Tiravanija

He transforms galleries into fast food booths and installs supermarkets in museums. Rirkit Tiravanija's work is about creating communicative platforms for common experiences. His recipe: The artist dissolves the boundaries between art and life, passive viewing and active participation. Angela Rosenberg and Andreas Schlaegel introduce the internationally acclaimed artist.

Interview Vadim Zakharov

Artist, archivist, curator, collector and performer: For 25 years, Vadim Zakharov has undermined the contemporary art industry in many different roles. No matter whether the Russian artist fights as a priest against Sumo wrestlers or has Proust's Madeleine executed - black humor and irony are the key to his multi-faceted work. Jutta von Zitzewitz talked with the artist in his studio in Cologne.

Immediate Experience

In our global event society, what can art look like which tries to convey immediate experiences beyond the realm of mass culture? The spectacular installations, actions and gunpowder drawings of the Chinese star artist Cai Guo-Quiang have been dealing with this question for years, and they are presented now in his exhibition "Head On" at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin. On this occasion, we dedicate the current issue to artists who deal with the topic of immediate experience in various ways and, in so doing, continually undermine the boundaries between art and life. + + + In Cai Guo-Gang's works, traditional Chinese culture and post-conceptual thought form a mixture that is both explosive and seductive, often luring the viewer onto many false trails. A critical appraisal + + + From soup cook to one of the most influential contemporary artists: In his works, Rirkrit Tiravanija suspends the boundaries between art and everyday life, passive viewing and active participation and creates communicative platforms for common experiences. A portrait + + + As artist, archivist, publisher, historian and collector, the Russian Vadim Zakharov has occupied little by little all niches of art production and mediation of art in order to create a new form of immediacy between artist and viewer. A conversation + + + With his hybrid spaces Gregor Schneider topples the viewer into claustrophobic confusion and thus proves himself to be the poet of the uncanny. An approach + + +