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Negative visions and pastoral beauty: their strange flora lends Paul Morrison's black and white works a magical quality. Ossian Ward visited the London artist.
Cocktail parties, dancing couples, passers-by: Alex Katz creates paintings of such clarity that they become branded in the mind. Cheryl Kaplan met with the artist in New York.
Sponsored by Deutsche Bank: William Kentridge in Johannesburg and the 1st Athens Biennial / "Art Private!" introduces collections by companies in Hessen.
Zaha Hadid retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York / Dialogue between the metropolises in the New National Gallery: Berlin-Tokyo/Tokyo-Berlin.
Blind Date Seligenstadt: New acquisitions by the Deutsche Bank Collection / the young New York scene at Deutsche Bank New York / Dialog Skulptur in Würzburg
Two pioneers of modernism: "The Art of Tomorrow" - Hilla von Rebay at the Deutsche Guggenheim and an Anton Stankovsky retrospective at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
"Here, the Boss Herself Does the Painting" : press reactions to "The Art of Tomorrow" at the Deutsche Guggenheim
Crocodiles, a black cloud and America's "First Familiy of Fireworks": encounters with the Chinese art star Cai Guo-Qiang in New York
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