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100 Years Anton Stankowski: A Retrospective at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Anton Stankowski,
Logoentwurf Deutsche Bank, 1974,
©Stankowski Stiftung

Anton Stankowski (1906-1998) spent his life studying the art of omission. The result is a vast work of fine and applied art, which the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is now exhibiting in commemoration of the German artist's 100th birthday. Beginning on April 8, Stankowski's paper works and abstract canvases will be shown alongside experimental photographs and design commissions that influence graphic design to this day. One of his most memorable commissions was the Deutsche Bank logo. Stankowski, many of whose works belong to the company collection and whose retrospective is being sponsored by the bank, designed the logo in 1974. He is considered to be one of the fathers of corporate design, although - or perhaps because - he allowed his artistic impulses to enter into his commercial graphic work.

Graphic Masterpieces from the Peter Blum Edition

Eric Fischl, The Year of the Drowned Dog, 1983

It's the first museum exhibition to show this much printmaking from the late 20th century: beginning on April 23, The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (MFAH) is showing Singular Multiples: The Peter Blum Edition Archive, 1980-1994, a large collection of over 400 works including studies and trial prints. In the early eighties, the critic and art dealer Peter Blum decided to publish editions of American and European artists of his generation.

Instead of individual works, artists such as Alex Katz and A.R. Penck, Louise Bourgeois and Rosemarie Trockel created series of prints that together form a total work of art. "Blum counts among the most important art publishers of the 20th century," as Peter Marzio, Director of the MFAH, explains; Marzio owns a copy of each edition. The prints, which include Blum's very first series 8 Experience (1981) by Penck, a work that Deutsche Bank also purchased early on for its collection, are presented in three subsequent exhibitions. Deutsche Bank is sponsoring the show.

Full House - Faces of a Collection
The Kunsthalle Mannheim is Presenting its Collection in a New Way

The Kunsthalle Mannheim no longer subscribes to a traditional chronological hanging or the strict separation of artistic disciplines. The building was closed for a month due to extensive construction work for Full House - Faces of a Collection; now the collection is being presented with a completely new concept: as an in-depth crossover of works from entirely different decades and genres, all of which have to assert themselves alongside one another. Work groups of modern art are juxtaposed with photography, video and media installations of the recent past, with paintings by Max Liebermann, Oskar Kokoschka, and Claude Monet as well as sculptures by Auguste Rodin and Alberto Giacometti. Deutsche Bank, the show's sponsor, was also convinced by the innovative presentation idea of leading viewers in a non-didactic way in various stylistic directions, allowing them to discover recurring themes and motifs themselves. The show runs to the fall.

Francis Bacon, Papst, 1951

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