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Terra Incognita: the Scotsman Charles Avery is both a draftsman and a philosopher. Louise Gray spoke to him about island realms, fallen gods, and ideal worlds.
Hubert Kiecol became known in the eighties for his miniature houses build of cement. Now, he has created a new piece for the ibc in Frankfurt - a work of art with words.
Deutsche Bank Collection: in Mannheim and in Ludwigshafen, the dual exhibition "Dialogue Sculpture" challenges traditional concepts of drawing and sculpture.
Congratulations: London based architect Zaha Hadid is awarded the renowned German Architecture Prize / Edition: Hanne Darboven's "Gregorian Calendar" for the Deutsche Guggenheim.
A famous painting, woven donkeys, a sea of pages: from the beginning of February, the Deutsche Guggenheim is showing Hanne Darboven's "Hommage à Picasso".
Analytical Eye: on tour throughout Latin America, the exhibition "More than Meets the Eye" shows German photography after 1945 from the Deutsche Bank Collection.
Inner Images: Curator Friedhelm Hütte behind the scenes on Deutsche Bank Art's exhibition "More than Meets the Eye".
Controversial mourning work: press reactions to William Kentridge's "Black Box/ Chambre Noire" at the Deutsche Guggenheim.
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