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Welcome on board: At the Biennale in Venice, three passengers at a time can take a trip in the silvery Wave UFO of the Japanese artist Mariko Mori. Cheryl Kaplan visited Mori in New York
Nobility for all: In the midst of file cabinets and computer screens, the Berlin-based artist Ina Weber installed an English membership club in the large office space of the new ibc in Frankfurt
The anniversary exhibition of the Deutsche Bank Collection travels to the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo / Works of Henri Michaux, Max Weiler, Hubert Scheibel in Vienna
The MoMA in Berlin: 6 million euros were made available for a foundation for young art / DB ad campaign is awarded a prize / The MoMA in Berlin commemorative book
Long forgotten: the New Yorker Guggenheim Museum dedicates a large show to its first and tough woman museum curator and artist, Hilla von Rebay.
Film Program: Douglas Gordon at Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin / Young American artists in Deutsche Bank's Kunstraum in Salzburg
Exclusive: Douglas Gordon in a conversation about his exhibition "The VANITY of Allegory" at the Deutsche Guggenheim
Full of surprises: the press reactions to the anniversary exhibition of the Deutsche Bank Collection at Berlin's Deutsche Guggenheim.
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