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Franka Hörnschemeyer is a true master of camouflage. Yet the installations of the Berlin based artist often produce the exact opposite: they redefine locations, and they open up unusual perspectives of architecture.
Emotional states: Amelie von Wulffen likes to create collages in which rooms turn into tremendous labyrinths that give rise to enigmatic zones of interior states. A portrait by author Christiane Meixner.
Art at the ibc now: the new catalogue on the most recent commissioned works for Deutsche Bank's new headquarters for private and business clients in Frankfurt.
The Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin greets the one-millionth visitor / Art in Private: at the beginning of July, Hessen's firms are opening up their art collections to the public.
Long forgotten: the New Yorker Guggenheim Museum dedicates a large show to its first and tough woman museum curator and artist, Hilla von Rebay.
Jubilee: in Zaha Hadid's spectacular exhibition architecture, the Deutsche Guggenheim is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Deutsche Bank Collection.
The baroness and the Guggenheim: two curators of the Rebay show in New York in an interview with Cheryl Kaplan.
Full of surprises: the press reactions to the anniversary exhibition of the Deutsche Bank Collection at Berlin's Deutsche Guggenheim.
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