Night Images

Sound and vision: the nineties brought the beginnings of crossover between the art and music scenes. Many young artists directly addressed the new and booming club culture and went on to conquer the galleries and museums. Now, crossover has made an about-face: in Berlin's clubs, works by established artists such as Wolfgang Tillmanns can be seen.

Less Techno, More Technique

The minimalist Gerwald Rockenschaub became known through his cool Plexiglass objects and monochrome Neo Geo paintings. Yet he's always made music parallel to his art: while he remained dedicated to New Wave throughout the eighties, he's been producing electro sounds since the nineties. And as a deejay, the artist plays funky minimal.

Postcard from Japan

She is the only artist who can claim to have been an artist-in-residence at NASA. The American Laurie Anderson is a real multiple talent. Her most intricate high-tech performances are intense collages of unique images and sounds; as a musician, she's climbed the charts. Her latest works can now be seen in Japan as part of the Expo.

Art in a Two-Room Apartment

Inga Humpe and Tommi Eckart form the band 2raumwohnung. Their recipe for success: electronic pop with intelligent lyrics. The couple, who live in Berlin, share a passion for contemporary art; works by artists such as Stefan Hoderlein and Raymond Pettibon hang on the walls of their apartment. A conversation on the boundaries between art and music.

Get Together - Art, Clubbing and Music

Art, clubbing & music – in our feature, db artmag reports on the numerous connections between the art and music scenes. Ever since the nineties, young artists have been addressing the late-night club world, while deejays have been providing the appropriate sound tracks for art events. The word here is crossover: art works inspired by nightlife and electronic sounds have been conquering the galleries and museums. Now, the club scene has discovered art all on its own. +++ In Berlin, the newly-opened Berghain – formerly called Ostgut – is presenting opulent works by established artists. The former power plant for Stalinallee, is one of Europe’s largest clubs and a spectacular location with enough room to accommodate a monumental wall piece by Piotr Nathan 27 x 5 meters in size. In addition, club-goers can admire large-scale abstract and erotic photographic works by Wolfgang Tillmanns in this nightlife cathedral – images of the night. +++ Vienna in Berlin: Gerwald Rockenschaub is considered to be a pioneer of crossover. The cool minimalist works as an artist, musician, and deejay – all at the same time. +++ Performance, music, film – Laurie Anderson merges genres to create abysmal and fascinating high-tech art. +++ In an interview, Inga Humpe and Tommi Eckart talk about their band 2raumwohnung, why they collect art, and what fascinates them about contemporary art.