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Ricas y Famosas:
Celebrating "25" at Deutsche Guggenheim

“Ricas y famosas” – that’s the title of our new column dedicated to the Rich and Famous, as well as the influential and creative people of the international art scene. Who showed up at which event, who and what was being talked about, and what kind of fingerfood was served? We start off with the opening party for “25”, the Jubilee Exhibition of the Deutsche Bank Collection. Ralph Wernicke was mingling with the in-crowd.

Patrik Schumacher, Zaha Hadid, Friedhelm Hütte, Tessen von Heydebreck

What a glamorous prelude! Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Deutsche Bank Collection, 25 prominent "godfathers" surprised everyone with an exhibition of their own personal favorites of the world’s largest corporate art collection. Here’s what made it so unique: The organic architecture of the exhibition space by Zaha Hadid, the “Queen of Deconstructivism”. The London star architect transfigured the exhibition hall of the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin: No classical "White Cube" here; instead, she created a spherical showcase for the arts. The visitors were strolling from one godfather’s exhibit to the next. One topic of conversation was Hadid’s fancy appearance. Did the drapery of her extravagant Issey Miyake dress inspire her elaborate spacial design for the exhibition?

l.o. Opening of "25" at Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin
r.o.Exhibition view
l.u. Opening speech - Ariane Grigoteit
r.u. Zaha Hadid and Nicolas V. Iljine

Rarely has an invitation to an opening at Deutsche Guggenheim been so sought-after like the one for this birthday party. On the menu for the cheerful flock of celebreties: little meatballs, birthday cake, and prosecco. Everyone was chatting away in a relaxed atmosphere. So did Max Hollein, who will probably be elected the next Superman of the Frankfurt art scene. He’s not only director of the Schirn Kunsthalle but, as of 2006, he will also be in charge of Liebieghaus and Städel. As they say in Star Wars: May the Force be with you!

l.o.Hilmar Kopper
r.o.Exhibition view - Atrium
l.u.Ute Meta Bauer
r.u. Paul Maenz

Entrepreneur and collector Gabriele Henckel and Ariane Grigoteit, the collection’s director, were closely listening to Tessen von Heydebreck’s opening speech. A real eye-catcher: Mrs. Henkel’s feathered hair decoration. By contrast, Ingrid Mössinger, director of the Chemnitz Art Collections, showed up without her notorious hair bow. Francesca von Habsburg – Europe’s most beautiful patron of the arts? – was delighted: Her choice was Bill Viola’s high-tech video installation Going Forth By Day. Hence, Guggenheim vistors may once again experience this opulent and popular exhibit.

Ariane Grigoteit, Maria S. Koteneva
Eberhard Mayntz and company

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