Welcome to "25"

A spectacular anniversary show at the Deutsche Guggenheim is celebrating the Deutsche Bank Collection's 25th year. "25" presents outstanding works from the Collection, as chosen by prominent friends and associates. In addition, the Curator's Choice takes a look at the future of the Collection. We present visionary exhibition design, artworks and 'godparents'.

Hall of Fame englisch

More than 300 paintings and objects from the Deutsche Bank Collection were chosen by prominent 'godparents' for the exhibition "25". But 20 of those works held a particular fascination for the prominent participants. Honor where honor is due: db artmag presents those pieces chosen by more than one person, and so have earned a spot in the 'Hall of Fame'.

Interview with Ariane Grigoteit

For nearly two decades, Dr. Ariane Grigoteit has been head of the Deutsche Bank Collection. As curator of the "25" exhibition, she asked prominent associates of the Bank's art program to take a very personal look at a quarter-century of art and company history. To Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, she explains the unusual concept of the show.

Visionary Spaces: Zaha Hadid

A spheric interior landscape, organic and technological at the same time - for "25", the Deutsche Guggenheim appears in this radically altered manner. The brains behind this elegantly futuristic exhibition design is the London-based architect Zaha Hadid, whose designs are among the most exciting that her field has to offer. A portrait by Ulrich Clewing.

25 Years Deutsche Bank Collection

The Deutsche Bank Collection is 25 years old. Continually expanded since 1979/80 and displayed under the slogan "Art in the workplace" at the Bank’s buildings worldwide, it inspires and challenges many viewers. Now the world’s largest corporate art collection, it contains more than 50,000 works, which as part of a trailblazing concept, established an alternative currency in the Bank. In its Feature section, db artmag reports extensively on the "25" exhibition, with which the Collection’s anniversary will be celebrated in Berlin’s Deutsche Guggenheim. +++ With the slogan "Welcome to 25", we present the exhibition, for which 25 prominent "godparents", long-time associates of the Collection, chose their favorite works from it; the Curator’s Choice, which takes a look at the future of the Collection; and the futuristic obstacle course designed especially for the show by architect Zaha Hadid. +++ A century of art highlights: The "Hall of Fame" introduces a few "stars" of the Collection. +++ Curator Dr. Ariane Grigoteit explains in an interview the idea behind the anniversary exhibition and reveals why this is a "Collection with a view". +++ Even her early virtual projects from her days as a student and trainee were futuristic – Ulrich Clewing on noted architect Zaha Hadid and her spectacular exhibition design for the Deutsche Guggenheim.