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In the sixties, American Minimal Art was a counterforce to the European tradition: Harald Fricke on the contentious debates and the art of "less is more" in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art
Conceptual Art in Barbarastollen: under UNESCO protection, the action artist Adalbert Hoesle has interred the works of 50 German artists for 1,500 years in Baden's Oberried
Exclusive editions, great design and a wide array of art publications: the db artshop at Deutsche Bank's online magazine has opened!
Mountains in the fog and men in the snow: in Deutsche Bank's "Academy Tour 2004," Dusseldorf takes a look at the local art scene
Undiscovered Body Zones: through 10/17, the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin is showing the exhibition "Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Tradition"
At Deutsche Bank's Kunstraum in Salzburg, the exhibition "Heavenly Creatures" leads viewers through the realm of juvenile desire: through 8/31
Bustling marketplace with a sensibility for contemporary art: an overview of the 35th Art Basel 2004, the largest art fair worldwide
Press on "Man in the Middle" in Cracow and "Design Seen at MoMA" at the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin
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