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Modernist pop stars: Oliver Koerner von Gustorf on the forefathers of Pop Art, the American tradition of the real, and an unusual presentation of films by Andy Warhol at Kunst-Werke accompanying "The MoMA in Berlin"
Since the thirties, the Museum of Modern Art has been collecting industrial design and has helped modernize everyday American life with its competitions for furniture design. Bettina Allamoda on "Design Seen at MoMA"
Deutsche Bank sponsors the New York Guggenheim's exhibition on Constantin Brancusi, while in Düsseldorf, the "Akademie-Rundgang 2004" takes a look at the local art scene
Prizes: The Lucelia Artist Award for Kara Walker and the Praemium Imperiale for Georg Baselitz and Bruce Nauman / Over 85,000 visitors came to see "El Regreso de los Gigantes"
From April, 17 until July, 9 2004 the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin presents "Global Groove 2004" by video artist Nam June Paik
"Life, Love and Death," an exhibition of the works of the American artist James Lee Byars, can be seen in Frankfurt's Schirn Kunsthalle through July 18
Press reactions to "Design Seen at MoMA," "Man in the Middle" in Cracow, and "Caravaggio" in Australia
Transparence and Openness: Deutsche Bank Australia's art collection receives a new home
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