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Her intimate paintings of friends, historical figures and pop heroes made New York based artist Elizabeth Peyton the real shooting star at this year's Whitney Biennial
At "MoMA in Berlin" the representatives of Abstract Expressionism are celebrated in a special section: Harald Fricke on the triumph of American art during the Cold War era
The Deutsche Bank Art presents its publications at the Art Frankfurt in May / The exciting Frieze Art Fair in London will be sponsored by Deutsche Bank this year
In Frankfurt Sugimoto's portraits of Henry VIII and his wives meet Holbein's originals / In Berlin Parastou Forouhar's art rebels against the iran regime
From April, 17 until July, 9 2004 the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin presents "Global Groove 2004" by video artist Nam June Paik
Western abstraction and Japanese popculture: Deutsche Bank New York is showing screenprints by the British artist Carl Fudge at 60 Wall Street.
After only six weeks running and a huge number of visitors the "MoMA in Berlin" seems to be well on it's way towards becoming the event of the year
At the Guggenheim Museum in New York John Hanhardt and Caitlin Jones did prepare Nam June Paik's "Gobal Groove 2004" for Berlin
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