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The Stuff of Dreams:
Miwa Yanagi's Limited-Edition Midnight Awakening Dream for the Deutsche Guggenheim

In Midnight Awakening Dream, Japanese artist Miwa Yanagi positions her 'elevator girls' panorama-like in an endless, labyrinthine shopping arcade, at the end of which the uniformed young women are found in a pile of tossed-aside designer clothes. The artist creates an ideal space in which the borders between the inside and outside world have fallen away and the secret desire for a disturbing reality reveals itself. Yanagi says of Midnight Awakening Dream, "One simply passes through most of the spaces that appear in dreams. And in reality, one also simply passes through passageways and crossing-points - streets, stairs, elevators, escalators, train platforms."

Fashion and its social codes within Japanese culture are central themes in Miwa Yanagi's work. As a young artist, she taught textile design at a primary school in Kyoto. So it's not really a surprise that, on the occasion of her exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim, she had Midnight Awakening Dream printed on a 600-meter-long piece of cloth. The digital print on transparent georgette is done with the same precision as the artist's digital photography. This limited edition work will be sold by the meter in the MuseumsShop, thus changing from fashionable fabric to artwork.

Midnight Awakening Dream is the stuff of dreams, printed on a dreamy sort of fabric. At the request of the Deutsche Guggenheim, the designers for the Berlin clothing label Sai So - which specializes in original kimono fabrics - have tried out the various ways in which Miwa Yanagi's piece can be draped around the body. The Japanese term "sai so" means 'to reconstruct' or 'reassemble.' That seems a perfect description for the fabric version of Midnight Awakening Dream, which, as a conceptual piece of art, crosses the border between art that is one of a kind, and that which is produced in a multiple series.

Digital print on georgette (100% polyester)
Limited edition of 600 meters, signed upon label

Price: €120/meter, or €105/meter for Guggenheim Club members

Translation: Tanya Ott