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Deutsche Bank and the Berlin University of the Arts present the 2003 01 award to Pipilotti Rist

Photo: Peter Spörrer

A young women dances through a shopping street. Suddenly, she raises her arm and brings it down, smashing the windshield of a parked car with the steel flower she holds in her hand. A camera travels through defamiliarized body landscapes, accompanied by Chris Isaak's music for Twin Peaks.

Pipilotti Rist's videos are poetic yet aggressive explorations of a slightly deranged daily life. This style has made the Swiss artist known internationally, and has won her prizes such as the Premio 2000 from the Venice Biennale. Now Rist was been given the 2003 01 award, presented annually by Deutsche Bank and the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). The jury's statement describes Rist as one of the world's most important video artists. By mixing visual and musical elements, she questions - often in a tongue-in-cheek manner - accepted habits of watching and listening. Her love of mixing media is well-established: before becoming a visual artist, Rist played in the Zurich all-women band Les Reines Prochaines. The 01 award involves not a cash prize, but rather an honorary professorship at the UdK. The previous winners are: Brian Eno (1998), Nicholas Negroponte (1999), Frieda Grafe and Enno Patalas (2000), Alan C. Kay (2001), and Shirin Neshat (2002).

Translation: Tanya Ott