Tobias Rehberger

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   >> Tobias Rehberger: Large Nude in a Snowy Landscape
   >> Tobias Rehberger: Photographic Documentation

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Tobias Rehberger: Large Nude in a Snowy Landscape

As though it were a part of me: for his contribution to the upcoming issue of Deutsche Bank's Visuell magazine, the artist Tobias Rehberger had nearly all of the clothing in his wardrobe burned. Subsequently, black ink was manufactured from the incinerated remains and used to print two pages designed by Rehberger. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf on an unusual burning action in Allgäu and a "self portrait" born out of collective ideas, expectations, and perceptions.

Tobias Rehberger: Photographic Documentation

The photo series of the Frankfurt-based photographer Bärbel Högner documents the various stages of the burning action, which took place in March 2003 on the grounds of the Kremer Pigment Company' s mill in the small village of Aichstetten in Allgäu. Step by step, the images record the individual phases of the burning and the subsequent process of refilling, grinding, and sieving the pigments - the continuous transformation of Rehberger's clothing into a monochrome powder to be used to print one of the artist' s motifs.