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   >> Tobias Rehberger: Large Nude in a Snowy Landscape
   >> Tobias Rehberger: Photographic Documentation

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Clothes Create Color

A photographic documentation on the burning action that led to the realization of Tobias Rehberger’s artwork Large Nude in a Winter Landscape.

“It was our job to make a nice, black powder out there. That’s what we did.” The job Dr. Georg Kremer from the Kremer Pigment Company is describing in an entirely pragmatic manner here refers to the developmental process of a work which the artist Tobias Rehberger conceived for the second issue of Visuell, the print magazine of Deutsche Bank scheduled for publication shortly. Rehberger describes his concept for Large Nude in a Winter Landscape as follows: “For the magazine, a motif of mine will be printed in black and white on a double-page spread. The black printing ink is manufactured through a special process. It consists of burnt remains and a binding material that enables the pigment to be used for printing. The burnt remains are what are left from the process of burning articles of clothing from my own personal wardrobe.”

The photo series of the Frankfurt-based photographer Bärbel Högner documents the various stages of the burning action, which took place in March 2003 on the grounds of the Kremer Pigment Company’s mill in the small village of Aichstetten in Allgäu. Step by step, the images record the individual phases of the burning and the subsequent process of refilling, grinding, and sieving the pigments – the continuous transformation of Rehberger’s clothing into a monochrome powder to be used to print one of the artist’s motifs.

©Bärbel Högner, Frankfurt/Mn.