Exclusive: Richard Artschwager

"Up and Down/ Back and Forth" is what Richard Artschwager has entitled his exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim. Until July 6, 2003, over 40 of his drawings, sculptures, paintings, and multiples can be seen in Berlin. Cheryl Kaplan visited the artist in his New York apartment and interviewed him exclusively for db-art.info

Looking for Robert Wilson

"Drawing is a way to think": at the moment, the New York-based artist and director Robert Wilson can be seen in Berlin in his brandnew musical production of "Leonce and Lena" and two exhibition projects. Cheryl Kaplan has interviewed Wilson and investigated his work to find out what role drawing plays in the cosmopolite' s work.

Art On Every Floor

Here, not only a vital coexistence, but also contradictions and experimental reinterpretations merge: throughout 29 floors of the Deutsche Bank New York, European and American post-war and contemporary art enter into a creative dialogue. Thomas Girst visited the collection and the buildings own Lobby Gallery in Midtown Manhattan.

Stanley Greenberg's Waterworks in the Lobby Gallery

Each day New Yorks water system provides over nine million people with nearly 1.3 billion gallons of water. The photographer Stanley Greenberg has documented the paths water takes throughout the metropolis. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf on Greenberg's excursions, which also shed light on the big city's collective memories, longings, and fears.

In New York

After last month’s issue was dedicated to New York as the melting pot of a variety of art movements from both the old and new worlds, the city on the Hudson River is once again at the center of our current theme. This time, however, it’s under the sign of the painter and sculptor Richard Artschwager, one of the greatest American contemporary artists: “Back and Forth/Up and Down” is the title Artschwager has given his current show at the Deutsche Guggenheim. Through July 6, 2003, over 40 drawings, sculptures, paintings, and multiples dating from 1965 to 2003 can be seen in Berlin. Cheryl Kaplan visited Richard Artschwager in his New York apartment and interviewed him exclusively for db-art.info. Their lively discussion carried on for more than two hours, and the author even managed to find out what the artist is planning on telling Britney Spear’s parents. +++ For the New York-based director and artist Robert Wilson, “drawing is a way of thinking.” Cheryl Kaplan introduces his works from the collection of the Deutsche Bank and investigates what role drawing has played in the busy cosmopolite’s oeuvre, whose Büchner musical “Leonce and Lena” has just premiered in Berlin. +++ The gates to New York’s underworld can be found behind the brick facades of pumping stations, in shaft entranceways, or under the streets of Brooklyn: Oliver Koerner von Gustorf reports on the photographer Stanley Greenberg, whose brilliant black and white photographs of the city’s water system can be seen at the Lobby Gallery.