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Book Presentation of Akim Monet's The Space Between in Gstaad

On February 23, under the patronage of Kevin Parker, Global Head of Global Equities of the Deutsche Bank and of the directors of the DB Advisors, Akim Monet's recently published photographic volume The Space Between was presented in the Palace Hotel in Gstaad.

Lying Buddha

©Akim Monet, 2003

During his journeys through India and the Far East, Monet, born in 1968 in Switzerland, developed the basic elements of the negative form of photographic representation that has characterized his work ever since. The publication The Space Between brings together the various photographic series that have arisen over the course of the past several years.

Indian temples, sculptures, Gaudi's visionary architecture, exotic vegetation, dancers in states of intoxication: the motifs in Monet's large-scale works seem infused with an inner spiritual energy; in their intense sense of color, they convey an impression of hallucination. At the same time, Monet's subtle treatment of light, lighting, image, and reproduction reflects his personal relationship to modernist painting. Akim Monet studied comparative literature at Cornell University and worked as an international art dealer for galleries in New York and Paris. His works can be found in private collections in America, Europe, and Asia.

On the Ganges

©Akim Monet, 2003

In his foreword to the recently published volume, Kevin Parker writes: "We are delighted to support Akim Monet in his new and exciting work The Space Between. Just as the artist transforms common scenes into works ofart, we all strive to extrapolate opportunity from the complex world in whichwe live. Akim Monet's photography echoes our own commitment to excellence."

Akim Monet: The space between , Infinite Point Press, 2003 ISBN 0-9728647-09


©Akim Monet, 2003