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Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism - Best Monographic Museum Show 2003

The 'International Association of Art Critics' (AICA) annually nominates this season's best exhibition, given to artists, curators, galleries, writers and cultural institutions. In 2003 the show Kazimir Malewitsch: Suprematism was awarded 'Best Monographic Museum Show Originating Nationally'.

Kasimir Malewitsch:
Suprematism, 1915 - 1916
Kasimir Malewitsch:
Red Square, 1915

The exhibition started at Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin and continued travelling to New York and Houston Kazimir Malewitsch: Suprematism was the first presentation which entirely focuses on the suprematist period in the artists' oeuvre.

The show included paintings, drawings andinstallations from internationally renowned public and private collections. Among these are works previously not shown in the west as well as several masterworks of Malewitsch that have only recently been rediscovered.

Malevich at the Institute for Artistic Culture,
Leningrad, 1925, State Russian Museum

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