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"Manuelle Strukturen" (manual structures) by Günther Uecker at the art museum Ahlen

The art museum Ahlen at the Theodor F. Leifeld Foundation is enriched by a distinguished loan of the Deutsche Bank Collection: The early suite of prints by Günther Uecker Manuelle Strukturen complements the collection of works by the artists' group Zero, which forms the museum's focal point.

Günther Uecker: Manuelle Strukturen, 1975, © Erker Galerie AG. St. Gallen

The pre-opening of the special exhibition Following the traces of Marc Chagall - Jewish artists from Russia and Poland with their contributions to modernity (1910 - 1928) formed the solemn evening at which the handing over of the series that comprises 10 sheets took place.The art museum Ahlen shows the exhibition from December 7 2003 until February 29 2004 on the occasion of its 10 years' of existence.

Günther Uecker is represented in the Deutsche Bank Collection with embossings and nail sculptures. Embossing, which gives the papers' surface the structure of a relief is significant for the renowned German artist whose works derive from the planar/ two-dimensional space via the object.

Günther Uecker: Manuelle Strukturen, 1975, © Erker Galerie AG. St. Gallen

Günther Uecker was one of the first artists of the series "Artist of the financial year of the Deutsche Bank". To date this show is annually dedicated to one artist and tours through international museums and art clubs.

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