Basel Has a Beach Now:
the Art Basel Triumphs in Miami

Comparable only to the Biennale in Venice or the Documenta in Kassel, held every five years, the annual art fair in Basel, an inexhaustible spectacle, it seems, has contributed to the popularization of the arts for three decades. It has joined art and the public in a pact which would have seemed completely inconceivable in the heroic age of the avant-gardes. Now it has created its own biggest competition: the Art Miami could be the door to the new art world of the 21st century, an art world which has long since ceased to be Eurocentric, or even US-centric, opening up to the trends of the south. A look back and a look ahead by Hans-Joachim Müller.

"Away with the Alps, Open up
the View to the Mediterranean"

The motto of the artist Pipilotti Rist tellingly characterizes contemporary art in a Switzerland which is closely meshed with the rest of the world, economically and otherwise: Swiss artists position themselves in an international context rather than from a Swiss perspective. Instead of pursuing the phantom of national uniqueness, artists such as Balthasar Burkhard, Silvia Bächli, Andre Thomkins, Peter Fischli, David Weiss, Sylvie Fleury and Marianne Eigenheer take individual positions and comment on the international art scene from an ironic distance. Andre Rogger takes a look at the Swiss artists in the Deutsche Bank Collection.

Swiss made - Art in Switzerland

"La Suisse n'existe pas", the Waadtlander artist Ben Vautier asserted in 1992 at the World’s Fair in Seville. But its art exists! Proof is provided by a look at the Deutsche Bank’s collection of contemporary Swiss art. +++ The Art Basel offers a fifth season in which art and its entourage conquer the city. But the world’s most important art fair was never meant to be exclusively European. In Miami Beach it opens itself up to a globalized art world. +++ Renzo A. Berger is responsible for the Zurich collection of the Deutsche Bank. With Christmas approaching, he shows us around the five floors of the imposing Wilhelmine building on Zurich’s Bahnhofquai and speaks about his love of art. +++ In the magazine: The exhibition "Richard Artschwager: Up and Down / Back and Forth" has moved on to the Museum of Modern Art - Wörlen Foundation in Passau. In an interview the founder Hanns Egon Wörlen explains why he wants to introduce people to art. +++ Chronicler of poses: a portrait of the painter Peter Holl. +++ visuell - the magazine of Deutsche Bank Art - is devoted to the arts and to Deutsche Bank's international commitment to culture.