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"I am always trying let the audience have fun so that their access to art is eased." An interview with the architect Hanns Egon Wörlen, founder of the Wörlen Foundation.
"Kissed Awake Ready-Made Art" is the way the Viennese "Standard" characterized the double edged water-color by Peter Holl. A portrait of the artist by Richard Rabensaat.
International Association of Art Critics (AICA) awards "Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism" best monographic museum show 2003
The art museum Ahlen shows a loan of the Deutsche Bank Collection: The early suite of prints by Günther Uecker "Manuelle Strukturen".
"Up and Down / Back and Forth": The American artist Richard Artschwarger is showing 45 drawings, sculptures and multiples at the Museum moderner Kunst - Wörlen Foundation in Passau.
The artist couple Robert and Sonia Delaunay embodied modernity in a unique way. An exhibition in the Centre Pompidou in Paris provides a comprehensive survey of the two artists work.
Richard Artschwager at the Wörlen Foundation in Passau: the press prophesies experiments and some surprises.
"Here art comes directly to the viewer": Renzo A. Berger leds through the Zurich collection of Deutsche Bank.
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