Haiku master of the American psyche

this issue contains
>> "El Regreso de los Gigantes" in Buenos Aires
>> Robert and Sonia Delaunay at the Centre Pompidou
>> Haiku master of the American psyche
   >> James Rosenquist: A Retrospective
   >> Interview with James Rosenquist

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James Rosenquist: A Retrospective

Though many of his canvases are enormous, the New York Times has called James Rosenquist a master of haiku. The expansive Rosenquist retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York includes the monumental painting "The Swimmer in the Econo-mist," on loan from the Deutsche Bank, a work that tackles the political and economic upheaval of German unification.

Interview with James Rosenquist

"Everyone thinks an artist does things according to art history, but sometimes you develop your own art history... I like anything that makes a dynamic picture." In an interview with Cheryl Kaplan, James Rosenquist talks about his influences, about Robert Rauschenberg's Combine paintings, about the labeling of artists by art historians and about his malted milk mixer.