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Christmas Shopping at the MuseumsShop

The smell of warm beeswax trails through the newspaper kiosk in Berlin’s galleries’ quarter “Mitte-Nord”. The smell of Christmas! On the hob are pots with melted wax from California, tinted in red pigment, natural yellow or pure white into which the student of Baselitz H.N. Semjon carefully dips Christmas tree decoration: balls, angels and stars. Cooled down in the studio, the Christmas Ornaments appear as if touched by frost, or covered with reddish shining chocolate. Each piece is unique. Fine details, lines or few brush strokes make them true miniature works of art which are only available at the artists studio or at the MuseumsShop of Deutsche Guggenheim.

With the Edition Deutsche Guggenheim, design objects published in small editions or other cult objects, the MuseumsShop is a rich source for exclusive gifts from all over the world. The plate crib in the colourfully painted box is from Mexico, possibly inspired by Frida Kahlo. The Christmas figures to stick together are hand craft products from Russia in which Santa Clause hides in a Christmas tree and that in turn hides in a snowman. The mobile from Denmark showcases itself in pure white and a clear silhouette.

From Tuesday, December 2 onwards you can order Christmas presents and other gifts at the MuseumsShop of Deutsche Guggenheim online. We gladly provide advice on personalised presents and wrapping.