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"…one glimpse of that wellhead …"

"Then down a little way
Through the trash
Towards where
All dark no begging
No giving no words
No sense no need
Through the scum
Down a little way
To whence one glimpse
Of that wellhead"
(Samuel Beckett)

Aside from his studies of mathematics, physics and art, Bruce Nauman intensely engaged himself with music and philosophy -particularly the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the work of Samuel Beckett.

In December 2003 Dr. Christine Hoffmann will lecture on Literary-Philosophical Escapades into the Structure of Nauman's Work. This special event is complementing the exhibition Bruce Nauman: Theatres of Experience, which can be seen from October 30, 2003 to January 18, 2004 at Deutsche Guggenheim (€ 5; Reduced Rate € 3).

Dr. Christine Hoffmann curated the exhibition Samuel Beckett / Bruce Nauman in the Kunsthalle Wien and is contributing author to the exhibition catalogue Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience. Alongside her activities as an independent curator, she directs the Kunstverein LandKunstLeben, Buchholz.

Please read more on special events which run on the occasion of the exhibition Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience.

Bruce Nauman: Corridor Installation with Mirror - San Jose
Photo: David Heald
©VG Bild - Kunst, Bonn 2003/2004