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For the first time, Francis Bacon's work is placed in the context of art historical tradition in an exhibition in Vienna. Marion Löhndorf gives a portrait of the British painter.
Like no other art or factory school Bauhaus stands for the claim of the arts for social relevance. Katrin Bettina Müller presents works from the Deutsche Bank Collection.
At the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin Christine Hoffmann gives a lecture on literary and philosophical digressions in Bruce Nauman's work.
Hand-crafted Christmas figures from Russia, "Christmas Ornaments" by H. N. Semjon: gifts from the MuseumsShop of the Deutsche Guggenheim.
Argentina: "The Return of the Giants" in the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo in Buenos Aires is showing Heftige Malerei from the Deutsche Bank Collection.
Robert and Sonia Delaunay embodied modernity in a unique way. An exhibition in the Centre Pompidou in Paris provides a comprehensive survey of the two artists work.
Bruce Nauman at the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin: the press is enthusiastic and encourages the public not to be afraid of bulky art.
How do you decorate an almost completely transparent building with art? The Deutsche Bank tries something new at the ibc in Frankfurt.
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