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"Deluxe racing kit": the edition to Tom Sachs' installation Nutsy's in the Deutsche Guggenheim

Travelling throughout Nutsy's is a traffic artery: remote-control Mini-Z racing cars zip past apartment buildings, containers, ghetto bars and cash machines, and miniature Brancusis and Calders in the sculpture park.

Tom Sachss , Edition 24: "Deluxe racing kit", 2003

With the Edition 24, the "deluxe racing kit," art lovers can take part in the races in Tom Sachs' installation. The edition consists of a display box made from Foamcore containing two Mini-Z racing cars from Kyosho. The white Porsche was made especially for the Berlin edition. The box also contains four spare tires, stickers, a bottle cap from Anheuser Busch (the crew faithfully drank a bottle of beer for each piece in the edition), a racing log, a paper clip, tape, an adapter, a screwdriver, and a knife. The writing on the box and the racing log are screenprinted. Box display, Nutsy's instructions, and Nutsy's stickers were conceived by Tom Sachs as a part of the exhibition; they are made from the same material and in the same bricolage manner.

"Deluxe racing kit" in der Fertigung bei Fa. Reich KG, Berlin

Of course, the cars can race outside the installation, as well. For the exhibition, however, the driver needs the bottle caps and paper clips: the paper clip for example, unbent and attached to the car sideways, comes in at the end of the race, at the McDonald's Drive-In. The driver is supposed to use it to fish his hamburger bag from a wire while driving by.

"Deluxe racing kit" in der Fertigung bei Fa. Reich KG, Berlin

Every Wednesday between 7 and 8 p.m., visitors can take part in Nutsy's Cup . A prerequisite, however, is a driving test! From October 1 to October 5, the big Nutsy's Cup will be taking place with professional drivers. Whoever rams his or her car into a wall can take it to the repair clinic, where Tom Sachs' assistant Van Neistat will be attending to it during exhibition hours (except Tuesdays).

"Deluxe racing kit" in der Fertigung bei Fa. Reich KG, Berlin

"Deluxe racing kit": limited edition of 150 copies + 20 a.p., signed and numbered. The individual price is 570 euros, 490 euros for club members.