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Bridget Riley's art flickers and radiates - yet it can also make people dizzy. A portrait of the most important representative of Op Art by Marion Löhndorf.
The exhibition "The Return of the Giants" in Sao Paulo also inspired Brazil's art scene to examine its own art history, says curator Rejane Cintrao.
Great excitement at "Nutsy's Cup": with the "deluxe racing set," art lovers can also take part in a car race in Tom Sachs' installation.
Florian Merkel will be holding a talk in the Kunsthalle Tübingen on his photographic works in the exhibition "Man in the Middle - Menschenbilder".
Beginning on September 13, the Kunsthalle Tübingen will be showing the changing human image of the 20th century in the exhibition "Man in the Middle - Menschenbilder."
In Sao Paulo: the exhibition "The Return of the Giants" in the Museu de Arte Moderna has been showing Heftige Malerei and Neo-Expressionists from the Deutsche Bank Collection.
"It's not Pop, it's a criticism of civilization": what the press is saying about Tom Sachs' installation "Nutsy's" in the Deutsche Guggenheim.
In Japan, "Art at Work" is a completely new concept for workplaces: Toshihiro Umezaki from Deutsche Bank Tokyo explains to Andre Kunz.
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