Interview with Tom Sachs

"In the three days I accompanied Sachs, he was never alone. His assistants are more like co-conspirators, " Cheryl Kaplan writes about her interview with Tom Sachs. Shortly before he left for Berlin, she visited the artist at work in his New York studio; they talked about Nutsy, Picasso, and a Bar Mitzvah catered by Martha Stewart, and afterwards they went to the movies.

Tom Sachs' Installation "Nutsy's"

"I think it comes down to recycling and making the most of what's available," the New York-based artist Tom Sachs asserts. His current intsallation Nutsy's can be seen at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin from July 24 to October 5: Maria Morais on controlled chaos and the breakneck view of a world in which the boundaries between "high" and "low" have been abolished...

Norman Kleeblatt on Tom Sachs

In 2002, Tom Sachs' contribution to the exhibition Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery / Recent Art in the Jewish Museum in New York provoked fierce controversy. The model of a concentration camp fashioned out of a Prada hat box riled up critics and outraged survivors of the Holocaust. One year after the scandal, Cheryl Kaplan met the show's curator, Norman Kleeblatt, to talk about Tom Sachs' Prada Death Camp.

Weapons, Status, Shopping

All the modern things: for years, Tom Sachs, together with his workshop "Allied Cultural Prosthetics," has been developing models for a handmade, ultra-democratic cosmos that makes no distinction between a Mies van der Rohe chair, a rapid-fire weapon, or a toilet bowl. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf on hankering that can't be fulfilled - and a fascination for weapons, status, and shopping.


Nutsy's: Tom Sachs in the Deutsche Guggenheim Reggae rhythms are blasting out of 10,000-watt loudspeakers, models of Le Corbusier's "UnitÚ d'Habitation" and the "Villa Savoye" can be found next to a homemade, fully functioning McDonald's; deejay cabins and a park for modern art right next door to a ghetto neighborhood, and all of it connected by one gigantic racetrack on which remote-control model cars pursue their course. Welcome to Nutsy's World! Tom Sachs' monumental installation Nutsy's can be seen from July 24 to October 5, 2003 in the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin; already a cult figure in the US, it's the first time the artist is being shown in Europe. We've taken the opportunity to dedicate our current theme entirely to Tom Sachs' work. +++ Cheryl Kaplan visited Sachs in his New York studio and questioned him about the background to his installation ľ and then she went out to the movies to see the new "Hulk" film with his team. +++ Nutsy's takes the "do-it-yourself" principle of bricolage lying at the heart of all of Sachs' works one step further. Maria Morais introduces the Berlin exhibition. +++ Weapons, status, and shopping: Oliver Koerner von Gustorf on the successes and scandals that have been accompanying Tom Sachs' workshop "Allied Cultural Prosthetics" for the past decade. +++ The affair surrounding the "Prada Death Camp": one year after the exhibition "Mirroring Evil" in the Jewish Museum in New York, curator Norman Kleeblatt explains why he considers Tom Sachs' controversial work of art to be important.