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Venice: Problem zones and utopias in the age of globalization. Harald Fricke has visited the Biennale and is introducing current works by artists from the art collection of the Deutsche Bank.
All that Jazz: in honor of his eightieth birthday, Oliver Koerner von Gustorf and Norbert Bisky met the painter K.R.H. Sonderborg. A conversation on painting, war, and the beauty of big cities.
Stars, Artists, and Athletes: Andy Warhol's Polo Players & Portraits are now being presented in the Kunstraum of the Deutsche Bank Salzburg.
"Long Night of the Museums" makes a guest appearance in the Theresie / Deutsche Bank celebrates the museum riverside Festival in Frankfurt.
"He's present here": Dorothy Iannone on the comprehensive Dieter Roth retrospective in the Schaulager in Basel.
In Sao Paulo: "The Return of the Giants" is showing Heftige Malerei from the art collection of the Deutsche Bank.
"Stumbling stones wherever you turn": Artschwager's exhibition in the Deutsche Guggenheim forced the press to think hard, but there was a lot of fun to be had, as well.
Peter Doig, Elisabeth Peyton, Miwa Yanagi: new art hanging in the Frankfurt headquarters of "Corporate Cultural Affairs" reflects the profile of the collection of the Deutsche Bank.
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