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Architecture, history, and truth: a large number of Thomas Struth's works have become part of the Deutsche Bank collection. In New York, Cheryl Kaplan met the German photographer for an interview.
Tim Stoner's utopian worlds of leisure are populated with anonymous dancers, pilgrims, and nuclear families. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf on the British painter's inscrutable visions of everyday rituals of collective happiness.
Television discussion on the Artschwager exhibition / Deutsche Bank sponsors "Visions and Utopias" at Frankfurt's Schirn.
Turner Prize: With Anya Gallaccio, another woman artist from the collection of the Deutsche Bank has been nominated.
In Berlin: Richard Artschwager is showing "Back and Forth/Up and Down" at the Deutsche Guggenheim.
In Sao Paulo: "The Return of the Giants" is showing Heftige Malerei from the collection of the Deutsche Bank.
"Stumbling stones wherever you turn": Artschwager's exhibition in the Deutsche Guggenheim forced the press to think hard, but there was a lot of fun to be had, as well.
Peter Doig, Elisabeth Peyton, Miwa Yanagi: new art hanging in the Frankfurt headquarters of "Corporate Cultural Affairs" reflects the profile of the collection of the Deutsche Bank.
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