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Transitions Between Reality and Fiction:
The Exhibition Dreamspaces / Entresueños presents contemporary Latin American art in the Lobby Gallery of the Deutsche Bank

Dream and daydream: through April 20, 2003, Dreamspaces/Entresueños, the current exhibition in the Lobby Gallery of the Deutsche Bank in New York, is presenting paintings, sculptures, and drawings by twelve Latin American artists at home in the major American cities as well as in Brazil, Cuba, or Venezuela. Using various media and techniques, their works present visions of interior and exterior spaces characterized by the transition between reality and imagination. In an allusion to the fantastic dialogues in Italo Calvino's famous novel Invisible Cities, the exhibition, curated by Holly Block, connects the question of reality and fiction to an investigation into cultural and personal identity.

Javier Tellez: Alpha 60 (4Milles), 2002
© Javier Tellez, New York

With its more than twenty works, Dreamspaces/Entresueños not only conveys an impression of the young Latin American art scene, but also the various positions it is founded upon. Thus, the works of José Bedia, Janaina Tschäpe, and Franco Mondini-Ruiz invoke the surreal and the spiritual, while various forms of psychic and bodily transformation play a key role.

Janina Tschape: Raven, 2002
© Galerie Catherine Bastide, Brüssel

Esterio Segura: Space Occupied by a dream, 2000
© PPOW Gallery, New York

Ernesto Pujol's paintings of meticulously lined-up shoes or the installation by Javier Téllez made of packages, toys, and everyday objects arouse associations with childhood memories and dream images that seem somehow familiar. The works of the artists' collective Los Carpinteros, comprised of Carlos Garaicoa, María Elena González, Arturo Herrera, and Esterio Segura, oscillate between fact and fiction. Landscape and urban architecture merge here into constructions for utopian spaces and environments. In the works of Dreamspaces/Entresueños, the apparently fantastic and whimsical frequently joins in with the political, while perceptions of inner and outer worlds collide.

Maria Elena Gonzales: Ephemeral Tower II, 2002
© The Project Gallery, New York

The exhibition's guest curator, Holly Block, is the director of Art in General, a non-profit art organization in New York, as well as the author and editor of the book ART CUBA - The New Generation, published by Harry N. Abrams.The Lobby Gallery of the Deutsche Bank in New York can be found on the ground floor at 31 West 52nd St. between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. The exhibition is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM through April 20. Admission is free.