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>> Sugimoto’s Portraits in Singapore
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>> Kara Walker at the Vienna MuseumsQuartier

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Imitation of Life

With nearly hallucinogenic precision, Sugimoto’s portrait gallery sheds new light on the wax likenesses of Henry VIII, William Shakespeare, or Fidel Castro. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf on the authenticity of the artificial, “the first photographer of the 16th century,” and the delicate question of how to depict a last supper that allegedly occurred two thousand years ago.

Sugimoto’s Portraits in Singapore

The opening of the exhibition of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “Portraits” in the Singapore Art Museum coincided with an anniversary: the Deutsche Bank, who sponsored the show, has been at home in Singapore for the past thirty years. In his opening speech, Ronny Tan, Chief Country Officer at Deutsche Bank Singapore, emphasized the Bank’s commitment to promoting arts and culture.