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Cross, Square, and Circle:
The edition to Malevich Suprematism in the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin

Among the pioneers of non-objective painting, Malevich created the most radical image of all when he painted the "Black Square" in 1915. Together with the circle and the cross, his geometric "zero form" made up the fundamental elements of suprematist art. Suprematism: this was the formula according to which the world was organized. In a consistent manner, suprematist designs for ceramics, murals, and textile ornamentation arose throughout the 20s, as well.

The current edition to Kasimir Malevich: Suprematism also follows this tradition, quoting the forms of the cross, square, and circle in an extraordinary set of three cufflinks manufactured in the silver workshop of Master R.O.S.S.I.I. in Moscow.


The cufflinks, after an idea by Nicolas V. Iljine, are made from 925 silver and can be obtained in an exclusive wooden case. The individual price of this limited edition of 200 is Euro 195.00; 175.00 for club members.