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The Box on This Year’s “Moment” Project

Several days before Karin Sander’s translinguistic sculpture wordsearch appeared in the financial section of The New York Times, the newspaper’s readers were offered a chance to take an in-depth look at the wordsearch project.

This year, the Moment event was not accompanied by a hardcover catalogue, but by a magazine published as part of The New York Times Sunday edition of September 29, 2002. As a section of the newspaper, and like Sander’s temporary work of art itself, it appeared for only one day in an edition of several million. The layout of the wordsearch magazine was designed by the Canadian studio Bruce Mau Design Inc., which has become known through its collaboration with Rem Koolhaas, Claes Oldenburg, and Frank Gehry, among others.

As a journey through New York’s macro and microcosms, the magazine combines snapshots of a major city with articles by German and American authors, such as the New Yorker columnist Hilton Als or the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. Now, Karin Sander’s art work in The New York Times and the accompanying wordsearch magazine are available in a transparent case.
The wordsearch box can be purchased in the museum shop of the Deutsche Guggenheim for the price of 20€.

Beginning in 2003, you can order the publication in your local bookstore under the ISBN: 3000 100 539.