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Shipped Ships: A Ferry for the Amazon

The Turkish artist Ayse Erkmen conceived the idea for Shipped Ships, Deutsche Bank’s first project of the Moment series. Following her concept, three passenger ferries were shipped from Japan, Italy, and Turkey to Frankfurt am Main on large container ships, crossing paths on the river Main between April and May of 2001. From Gerbermühle to Griesheimer Ufer, the ships were used for a ferry service of a kind never before seen in Frankfurt am Main, opening up new connections and shuttling back and forth between eleven piers.

Anyone interested was able to immediately participate in the four week-long installation and only had to decide which ferry to take first: the one from Shingu, Venice, or Istanbul – all of which were passenger boats for public transportation used in their native country for the respective city’s inhabitants.

Over one year later, the first “Moment” project is now offering another connection. The Deutsche Bank is donating the proceeds from the four week-long ferry service in Frankfurt am Main towards a project in the Amazon: for approximately €42,000, a ferry was purchased in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit (Society for Technical Cooperation, or GTZ) and the Brazilian community of São Domingos do Capim. This educational ferry is equipped with a mediathek, a laboratory, and a classroom, enabling the teaching of ecologically sound agricultural methods of production in the region.