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Ivo Mesquita writes about the influence of German painting from 1975–1985 on Latin American art and its effects today./ Brazilian art in the collection of the Deutsche Bank.

Profession: Woman Artist – a brilliant painter and Kandinsky’s long-time companion: Gabriele Münter helped shape history as a member of the “Blue Rider.”

Dr. Tessen von Heydebreck pleads art’s case as a part of entertainment culture to the Historical Society of the Deutsche Bank AG.

The painter Michael Majerus died in a plane crash. An obituary of the young artist, many of whose works are a part of the bank’s collection.

Monterrey, Mexico: with 150 works from the collection of the Deutsche Bank, “El Regreso de los Gigantes” documents the triumph of “Heftige Malerei” in Germany.

Eight Grey: The Deutsche Guggenheim is showing Gerhard Richter’s work, which he specifically designed for the exhibition space on Unter den Linden. He has been involved with the theme since the 1960s.

“This is how minimalism can work in the best of cases.” – How Gerhard Richter’s exhibition has been received in the major German newspapers.

“You must have this!” Gallery dealer Sadie Coles from London advises the Deutsche Bank on their acquisitions. An interview.

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