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Dr. Tessen von Heydebreck at the Historical Society of the Deutsche Bank

On November 13, an event took place sponsored by the Historical Society of the Deutsche Bank AG on Corporate Culture in Frankfurt. In his speech, Dr. Tessen von Heydebreck, a member of the board of directors of the Deutsche Bank, emphasized the meaning of art for the corporation in the context of necessary economic rationalization. “With modest means, we’re able to realize first-class projects while striving to continue setting standards in our sponsorship of art, even in difficult times. Art reaches a broad public, including people from many cultures with wide-ranging interests.

It offers an alternative standard of values for a universal culture that goes beyond mere economic calculation. It reveals a rich diversity of tradition as well as present and future visions, and at the same time is a home to people of widely diverse backgrounds. Art and culture are fundamental to identity. For this reason, their promotion stands at the center of our commitment.” According to Heydebreck, the success of this approach to art sponsoring is evidenced by customer reactions, the number of visitors, press, the response of employees, and the willingness on the part of museums and artists to cooperate. “This success is an inspiration for us to continue thinking beyond mere profit and gain, in order to offer people – at least in the realm of culture – some of those unique encounters and moments which lend purpose and meaning to the striving for material gain.”