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Drawing Now: With Neo Rauch's Weiche, Deutsche Bank is loaning a work to a spectacular exhibition in New York's MoMA.

The exhibition Drawing Now: Eight Propositions celebrates drawing as the expressive medium of a younger generation of artists. The Leipzig artist Neo Rauch is taking part, as well. His work Weiche (Switch), made in 1999 and on loan from the collection of the Deutsche Bank, can currently be seen in the extensive New York show. Until January 6, 2003, nearly 250 drawings are on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art: wall drawings, site-specific installations, or series that have only been shown very seldom in their entirety. In eight sections, various “propositions” for interpreting drawing in contemporary art are being presented. The 26 participating artists’ forms of expression and strategies are as varied as their respective level of notoriety and national origin, whether it be Europe, Asia, or America. Thus, the spectrum of Drawing Now: Eight Propositions encompasses both the works of newcomers and prominent figures on the international art scene. In an exhibition review in the “New Yorker,” the art critic Peter Schjeldahl described Neo Rauch’s drawings as “harsh proletarian utopias depicted with a chafing wit.” The Swiss Ugo Rondinone’s large-format ink drawings were also praised; his forest landscapes, such as ZWANZIGSTERJANUARNEUNZEHNHUNDERTFÜNFUNDNEUNZIG (TWENTIETH OFJANUARYNINETEENHUNDREDNINETYFIVE), which has been part of the collection of the Deutsche Bank since 1996, are reminiscent of Rococo image motifs in negative.

Along with Neo Rauch and Rondinone, artists such as Kai Althoff, Franz Ackermann, Chris Ofili, Elizabeth Peyton and Kara Walker (Deutsche Bank's artist of the year) are taking part.

Neo Rauch: Weiche, 1999
Sammlung Deutsche Bank

Ugo Rondinone:
Sammlung Deutsche Bank
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