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”I both relish and resent those ‘crazy-sexy-cool’ attitudes”: Kara Walker in a dialogue with the American author Darius James.

This year’s Moment event proved to be an exciting day for everyone involved: how the publication of Karin Sander’s wordsearch project was received on both sides of the Atlantic.

Art Cologne: Deutsche Bank will be sponsoring the international art fair again this year, appearing with a VIP lounge.

The catalogue to Kara Walker’s exhibition from the collection of the Deutsche Bank, lost since sold out, is finally available again.

New Zealand: Sugimoto’s ”Portraits” shed new light on the wax likenesses of Henry VIII, William Shakespeare, or Fidel Castro.

Man in the Middle: For the first time, German Modernist art is being shown in St. Petersburg’s Hermitage, which is presenting works from the collection of the Deutsche Bank.

”Uncivilized lust”: how the German daily newspapers reacted to Kara Walker's exhibition in Berlin.

”Should we meet in Freud?” – In London’s Winchester House, an encounter with contemporary art is a part of everyday life.

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