This issue contains:
>> Press release: The NYT to be published in Europe for the first time
>> Karin Sander´s project wordsearch
>> A conversation between Karin Sander and Hans Ulrich Obrist
>> The artist and her work
>> The Project as Magazine
>> What is "Moment"?
>> Globalization: A Dossier of Links

The Project as Magazine:

On Sunday, 9/29/2002 in the weekend section of the New York Times

Already several days prior to the appearance of the actual work of art in the financial section of the New York Times, the newspaper’s readers will be able to take an extensive look at the wordsearch project. This year, the "momentary" occurrence will not be accompanied by a bound catalogue, but by a magazine supplement to the weekend section of the New York Times on Sunday, September 29, 2002.


As a part of the medium newspaper, the work, in similar manner to Sander’s other temporary works of art, will only appear for a single day in an edition numbering millions.

The layout of the wordsearch magazine was created by the Canadian design studio Bruce Mau Design Inc., which has become well-known through its collaboration with Rem Koolhaas, Claes Oldenburg, Frank Gehry, and numerous other international clients (more on Bruce Mau’s projects can be found here). As a journey through New York’s microcosms and macrocosms, snapshots of the city are combined with contributions by German and American authors.

On the 29th of September, you are invited to join the word searcher Franziska Lamprecht as she follows the trails of the 250 languages spoken in New York City; get to know Karin Sander's work in a conversation with the exhibition organizer Hans Ulrich Obrist; or read a contribution by Hilton Als, a columnist for the New Yorker who muses on the colors of language and introduces, with Marianne Moore, one of "America's most pictorial female authors."


The accompanying publication to the wordsearch project will be available from bookshops in 2003. (20 Euro, ISBN 3000100539)