Art creates new connections

On the occasion of the publication of Karin Sander’s wordsearch in the financial pages of the New York Times this weekend, a complete edition of the newspaper will be published for the first time in Europe, at practically the same time as the original American edition. For more information, please read our press release.

Karin Sander´s Project wordsearch

New York's languages combine in Karin Sander's work to produce a fascinating interview among divergent cultures and modes of thinking. An introduction by Oliver Koerner von Gustorf

Working on wordsearch

"A lot happens simultaneously in this city without becoming immediately evaluated": A conversation between Karin Sander and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The artist and her work

Introducing workpieces of Karin Sander. Why Sander’s sanded walls, polished eggs, and Bodyscans can become traps.

The Project as Magazine

The catalogue to wordsearch will be appearing in print on September 29th as a supplement to the New York Times. It provides insight into the work's background: an extensive interview with the artist, portraits of the word donors, and competent analysis.

What´s "Moment"?

Get to know the international art series Moment: on a yearly basis, Deutsche Bank will be sponsoring selected artistic works at various locations around the globe.

Globalization: A Dossier of Links

wordsearch touches upon complex connections between language, cultural identity, and global economic structures. A dossier of links on this subject, including commentaries.

On 10/4/2002, the languages of the world will unite in a work of art in the New York Times:
Karin Sander’s project wordsearch

What language does New York speak? What identity does language embody for a metropolis in which members of over 250 nations and ethnic backgrounds live together? Word by word, wordsearch reveals unfamiliar aspects of the city, which can be seen in black and white in the New York Times on October 4, 2002. Instead of stock prices and share quotations, individual words from nearly every language spoken in New York City will be appearing in the pages of the financial section. These have been contributed by native speakers living in New York, whom Karin Sander has asked to donate a single word that carries special meaning both for them and for their mother tongue. These words were then translated into every other language spoken in New York and are brought together in the pages of the New York Times. Thus, wordsearch draws up a diagram not only of a major city, but also of the complex differences and connections that arise in this juxtaposition of different cultures and languages.   

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