This issue contains:
>> Press release: The NYT to be published in Europe for the first time
>> Karin Sander´s project wordsearch
>> A conversation between Karin Sander and Hans Ulrich Obrist
>> The artist and her work
>> The Project as Magazine
>> What is "Moment"?
>> Globalization: A Dossier of Links

The New York Times to be published in Europe for the first time

On October 4, a complete edition of the New York Times will be published for the first time in Europe, at practically the same time as the original American edition. Only five minutes after being printed in New York at 23:30 New York time, the newspaper will also go to press in Frankfurt. The New York Times will unfortunately not be printed on a regular basis in Europe. Articles from the newspaper are however regularly reprinted in the International Herald Tribune, a joint publication in Europe of the New York Times and the Washington Post. However, as the Tribune goes to press during the evening in Europe, the articles published are often from the previous day. The complex data-transmission technology required for nearly simultaneous printing of the New York Times will be tested for the first time with this special edition.

To conduct this experiment, the New York Times is working in cooperation with the Deutsche Bank. This collaboration has not only a technical but, more importantly, an artistic basis – a very special edition of America’s leading newspaper.

The German artist Karin Sander has altered the stock market listings on the financial pages of the New York Times as part of her contribution to the series “Moment”, an international art project launched by the Deutsche Bank Kunst promoting art in public spaces. In the October 4 edition, Sander will present the results of her month-long research for wordsearch. 250 “Native Speakers” residing in New York were asked to donate a single word that carries special meaning both for them and for their mother tongue. Each of the words was then translated into all of the languages spoken in the city. The resulting 62,500 words will appear in the financial pages of the New York Times, building a diagram of “the Capital of the World.”

Those who would like to pick up a copy of wordsearch, and the first European edition of the New York Times, will have to travel to Frankfurt, where 7.500 copies of the newspaper will be included as a free supplement to the Frankfurter Rundschau. Copies of this special edition along with the catalogue for wordsearch, published as a supplement to the New York Times Magazine on September 29, can also be ordered online for 10 €. The order form and further information about this action and the work of Karin Sander are available on the new Deutsche Bank Kunst homepage, and on the “Moment” homepage