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>> A Century of Landscapes
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A Century of Landscapes

Starting on the 15th of August 2002, the exhibition Landschaften eines Jahrhunderts from the collection Deutsche Bank Kunst, which has been traveling throughout Germany since 1999, can be seen in the South African National Gallery in Capetown under the title A Century of Landscapes.

  Neo Rauch, Altenburger Fenster, 1997

The exhibition provides testimony to the ways in which art reflects the stark transformation of cultural values in the landscape motif. It spans the time from the German impressionists and expressionists through the painters of the Neue Sachlichkeit and expressive realism to the second half of the 20th century.

Landscape as mirror, utopia, and analysis of recent occurrence: following the war, for example, the landscape as a signifier for "home" had become obsolete. During the fifties and sixties, informal painting at best allowed landscape associations into its imagery. It was only at the end of the seventies with the rediscovery of the stark gestures of expressionism on the part of the young German painters that landscape once again became the topic of artistic investigation. Thus, it was younger works that involved themselves with the aesthetic issues of copy, authenticity, and perception and that evinced a new consciousness for nature and the environment.

  Gerhard Richter, Abstrakt, 25.5.92, 1992

  Lee Krasner, Ohne Titel, 1953/54
  © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2002

With its power of suggestion and enormous quality of recognition, the landscape image is particularly suitable for providing insight into the collecting history of the Deutsche Bank. In an extensive catalogue on the exhibition, the perspectives of near and far structure individual chapters which delve into themes such as "The Landscape as Backdrop," "Cultivated Nature," or "Archetypes of Landscape." Thus, imaginary landscapes intermingle with forms borrowed from nature, uniting in an extraordinary excursion that leads over branches and stones, fields and meadows, forest and mountain, sea and lake. In the works of over 120 artists, the panorama of A Century of Landscapes reflects the history of our culture and provides evidence of the continuous relevance of a subject that will go on to inspire generations of artists to come.


  Albert Hertel, Tiergarten, 1900
  © Sammlung Deutsche Bank